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We ONLY sell through distribution!

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*Sourcing or Surplus is not an authorized distributor or manufacturer's rep for all lines. 


Our Mission

Sourcing or Surplus is a wholesale distributor. We sell only to other distributors - we do not compete with them. Due to more and more integration, distributors find themselves needing an item for their customer that they are not necessarily set up directly with that manufacturer to source. SOS is here to help them source those items. 

Many manufacturers now offer volume-based discounts. If we can purchase what one distributor needs from another distributor, it's a win-win. We supply one distributor's needs, marking the item up with a minimal margin, while also helping the distributor we're purchasing from increase their sales volume (and hopefully help them attain a greater discount with the manufacturer. 

Do you know of lines that are extremely competitive on price? We'd love to add them to our list of sources. Please reach out to us at through our information below.


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2515 High Street 

Crescent Springs, KY 41017


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